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Industry Challenges & Our Solutions

When founding accūrō, we ensured we were aware of the industry's main pain points, so we could focus on resolving them.


Outdated Technology

Existing products in the market suffer from outdated technology – hindering efficiency, scalability, and compatibility with modern systems. This technological obsolescence poses significant challenges for businesses, as they strive to streamline their operations and keep up with rapidly evolving industry standards.


Advanced Technology

accūrō Solutions was founded hand-in-hand with its proprietary technology, the ARC Review system. While other companies’ softwares were built 20 years ago, and require constant patching of an ancient system, our ARC system is the youngest platform in the property and casualty insurance space – and it only improves as time goes on.


Inefficiencies in Processes

Medical payment processing workflows are incredibly intricate, involving a multitude of steps and variables that contribute to their time-consuming nature. These complex workflows often encompass various stages, such as claim submission, verification, adjudication, payment processing, and documentation…and people thought they were getting lost in the shuffle of it all.


Customizable Workflows

We provide an advanced solution, designed to streamline medical payment processing and increase effectiveness in workflows. ARC automates tasks, improves efficiency, and reduces errors. With real-time updates and transparent communication, our cloud-native platform simplifies the entire process and transforms your workflows.


Poor Customer Support

Many companies in the medical payment processing and casualty insurance industry often find themselves grappling with a common challenge: inadequate customer support. Insufficient support services can lead to frustration and significant delays in issue resolution, posing a hindrance to the smooth operation of workflows and customer satisfaction.


Expert Service Teams

Not only do we have the most efficient software, but we also have the most experienced team behind our operations.  Our executive team alone has over 150 years of workers’ compensation industry experience, and they are only reinforced by their teams who have been hand-picked based on their expertise.

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